The fireplace is a beautiful feature in your home. It brightens up any room, and it provides warmth and comfort for you and your family. Fireplaces also have a prevailing tendency to bring people together: what better place to sit with your loved ones and perhaps a favorite beverage, enjoying a cozy evening by a crisp roaring fire. And it’s hard to deny that a spirited fire doesn’t have its own beauty and character. But the fire generally doesn’t properly reflect the nature and theme of your home. It falls to the fireplace mantel, then, to synchronize with your home’s visual aesthetic, to give your fireplace a feeling of visual belonging and continuity.
Fireplace mantels are essential because they clearly bring out utility to the empty space around your fireplace. Fireplace mantels not only make your home feel very cozy and warm, but also affect the ambiance of a room significantly.
When choosing the size of a custom fireplace mantel for your living room, you need to pay particular attention to the living space. Since the fireplace is inevitably the focal point of many rooms, you need to go for a style that perfectly blends with your home furnishings and clearly makes its own unprecedented statement. For a classic look, intricately carved detail and marbles are vital elements. Rustic look is all about working with a wood mantel that gives a striking appearance with a bit of contrast.
Woodwork Solutions, Inc. offers full customization services on our mantelpieces, so you have complete control over how your new mantel looks. Professionally trained to meet your specific needs and dimensions, our woodworkers will provide you with the best opportunity to own your dream mantelpiece. Our custom fireplace mantel designs will transform your house into a home. Woodwork Solutions also offers Fire and Ice options to help modernize and beautify the dancing flames below your new fireplace mantel.
If you are looking to change your fireplace mantel and you need some ideas and expert advice, do not hesitate to speak to us. We will be pleased to help out as much as we can to ensure that you continue to enjoy your home in its original theme, but with a custom fireplace mantel that suits your needs and preferences.


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