Creating A New Fireplace Mantel Without Destroying The Artistic Theme Of Your Home

If you did not play a part in designing or picking out the design of your fireplace mantel, chances are that you will be dissatisfied at some point and wish to change this vital component of your home. The common assumption is that your fireplace defines your home’s theme, and as such, it is in sync with the rest of the design in and outside the house. The good news here is that you can choose a different fireplace mantel that compliments the rest of your house by considering the tips below.

What is the room used for?


This is a big part of your remodeling exercise, considering that it will define the kind of fireplace mantel that you want. If you need to create an entertainment center above the fireplace, you may have to get a custom fireplace mantel that suits the size of your TV and can accommodate all the systems that you will be using. Also, you will need to conceal all the wires and this implies drilling holes and other important structural modifications to your fireplace mantel. Most fireplaces are in the family room, and this means the mantel has to be of a certain size to accommodate an entertainment center. Decide on the specifications in terms of height and width, as well as the holes that need to be drilled before picking out a design.

Pick your colors right

Home owners are often particular with their color choices, and this limits the potential of the home. If you are looking to maintain an old fireplace, you may want to change the color and use a better shade or color combination without having to alter the rest of the house as well. Your best option here is to use colors that can coordinate easily with the others. Most old and artistic homes are rich in browns. This however does not mean you must stick to shades of brown for your fireplace mantel. You can pick any deep hue that will go well with the other colors.

To keep or not to keep the tiles?

This is often a tricky question when it comes to remodeling your fireplace mantel. If you feel the need to get rid of the tiles, do not hold back. If the home design is mainly art and craft, you can always use replace the tiles with slate or any other earthy material that will look good and still fit in with the home’s theme. Slate is actually a good replacement of tiles if you feel the need for a completely different fireplace mantel. If you decide to keep the tiled look, you may have to replace them with newer tiles. Old tiles are often cracked or damaged and they do not look as appealing. Also, you cannot change their color as easily and this means you do not have too many options. Look for new tiles that live up to your standards in terms of color, texture and quality.

The salvage store

Since you are not building a new home, you will appreciate that there is a need for some historic touch in your remodeling. Most people tear out their fireplace mantels when they buy an old home. This means that there are a lot of old fireplace mantels that are elegant and in good condition. You can visit a salvage store even if it is to get ideas on the kind of fireplace mantel you would like to install, or how you could improve your current fireplace mantel. Salvaged mantels are not only cheaper, but also often in original designs that would lend that antique value to your home. Once you find a piece that you like, you can have it customized to suit your style and preferences before installation.

Getting the job done

After all the time spent thinking about and planning for a new fireplace mantel, you will have to start the implementation work at some point. A poor installation is worse than an old and worn fireplace mantel. This is why you will need the services or at least the guidance of an expert when installing your new fireplace mantel. You also need to be careful enough to avoid damaging the rest of the furnishings, especially the walls and the floor.

A new fireplace mantel does not have to imply a new house, although sometimes a total makeover is not such a bad idea for your home. If you are looking to change your fireplace mantel and you need some ideas and expert advice, do not hesitate to speak to us. We will be pleased to help out as much as we can to ensure that you continue to enjoy your home in its original theme, but with a custom fireplace mantel that suits your needs and preferences.

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