5 Top Must Have Bedroom Accent Walls

A bedroom is the most personalized room in the house, it's your special place, and maybe your favorite quarantine hide-a-away these days. Although it's the room that only you often see and enjoy, there's no reason it cannot be fabulous in every way!

I've pulled together five beautiful bedroom accent walls to inspire you to make a fun quarantine home design upgrade. It's not as expensive as the luxurious look shows. You can DIY, or you can hire professionals like Woodwork Solutions.

Wainscot Woodwork Accent Walls

The white square wainscot design above adds the perfect minimal detail every bedroom should have. Not too much, not too little. For people that do not like a lot of loud patterns and distracting details, this wainscot design may be the perfect solution. 

by: @wisteriahomedecor

Wainscot Bedroom Accent Walls

Black walls might sound daunting and drab to you, but I think they are the exact opposite. I find black wall accents pair so well with white walls and mouldings. The contrast from black to white is refreshing and very appealing. 

By: @blesserhouse

wainscot woodwork accent baby room wall

How adorable is this nursery? The simplicity is clean and the design is classic. I love the mixture in furnishings this wainscot accent wall allows. Without this accent wall, the rattan chair and traditional crib would make no sense.  But all together, this design is spot on! 

By: @designlovesdetail

Creative ways to add an accent wall to your bedroom

For a more modern look, creating a non-traditional wainscot pattern might be just the right amount of style you were craving. You can accomplish the look above with wood strips from your local hardwood store. Map out the matter of your choice and have fun! 

By: @irasobylenskaya

shiplap accent wall for bedrooms

Thanks to Joanna Gains, shiplap has elevated walls in homes across the United States! From little cottages to large West Coast Estates, you'll find shiplap sprinkled about everywhere! I personally love it, especially in the room above. How inviting is the shiplap color? The nice thing about shiplap is that you can do it yourself! 

By: @nextluxury

Either option, nows the time for a little sprucing up, so why not start in the bedroom. For more design inspirations where these images came from, visit us on Pinterest at "Erika's Woodwork Solutions"

Image one: @wisteriahomedecor
Image two: @blesserhouse
Image three: @designlovesdetail
Image four: @irasobylenskaya
Image five: @nextluxury


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