Tip Tuesday - Add style to your backsplash!

Forget tearing out your tile to add new design to your home, now you can use beautiful and stylish decals to transform your home!  The Sevilla RETile decal brings the vibrant colors of old world hand painted tiles to your kitchen remodel at a fraction of the cost and time to source reclaimed or reproduced classic pieces. The high quality image of real hand painted tiles are reproduced on high quality PVC using eco-friendly inks. The decals are designed to cover existing 4.25 inch ceramic or glass tiles. Packaged in sets of 10 these decals are quick and easy to apply and can be removed in the future with no adhesive residue. Clean with a damp cloth.

Comes in a set of 10

Made in the USA
Sold By:  Odhams Press 
Width:  4.25" 
Height:  4.25" 
Materials:  PVC 
Designer:  Odhams Press 
Category:  Wall Decals 
Style:  Traditional 
Ready to ship to the Continental U.S. in 3 - 7 days.
What fun find from www.houzz.com.  

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