How to Choose Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the kitchen cabinet. Kraftmaid cabinets for the kitchen (as well as wine barn door cabinets) are an excellent option to consider. You can choose from exquisite designs and styles to match with the layout and décor of your kitchen.

Have a Good Plan in Place

Before you venture out to shop for your new Kraftmaid kitchen cabinet (and/or something eclectic such as a wine barn door cabinet), make sure that you have a proper kitchen renovation plan in place.

Begin by listing out your goals and priorities for your project. Prepare a budget, which you are comfortable with.

Try to visualize how your kitchen will appear after the remodeling. To make this task easier, explore a number of unique kitchen designs and layouts and plan for adequate storage space as well.

Considerations while Choosing a New Cabinet

Keep the following factors in mind while choosing a new Kraftmaid cabinet for your kitchen and/or wine barn door cabinet:

• Your budget

• The type of layout that will be used

• Precise measurements of the appliances involved

• Modern improvements commonly seen in other homes in the vicinity

• How long do you plan to stay in your current home

Space Planning and Design

Kitchen cabinets are a significant part of your home design, and they will also have a lasting impact on the overall value of your home. Kitchen remodeling projects can range from affordable to expensive, depending on your needs.

So, before you consider the right type of Kraftmaid cabinet and/or wine barn door cabinet, pay attention to the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the Scope of Kitchen Remodeling

This will depend on the existing condition of your kitchen and the flexibility of your budget. If your kitchen space only requires some sprucing up, while major changes in the layout or appliances replacement can be avoided, you can still make a transformative impact by replacing the cabinet doors and adding some innovative colors and designs.

If your existing cabinetry is old or weak, you can choose attractive and sturdy Kraftmaid cabinets.

Step 2: Decide on the Kitchen Layout

In any home, kitchen cabinetry is a practical and convenient work space. Before you decide on the aesthetics, start with a precise floor plan which is scaled with the existing space, including doors, windows, and other architectural dimensions.

Take a careful note of the location of utilities such as water, electricity, and sewage connections. This is particularly important if the kitchen remodeling is going to involve any type of spatial reconfiguration.

The location of gas piping, cook-top ventilation, electrical outlets and air and heating systems should be established as part of the plan.

If any new or existing appliances are going to be a part of the new design, you should confirm the accurate measurements.

These may include the refrigerator, range, hood, microwave, barn door, wine cooler, ice makers, sinks, and dishwasher. These measurements should be done prior to choosing the Kraftmaid cabinets.

Step 3: Preparing a Sketch

At this stage, you should devise an approximate sketch of your plan, which makes the most efficient and aesthetically appealing use of space. Make sure that the plan remains elegant yet accessible. Keep a reasonable path between the work triangle – the range, refrigerator, and sink.

Consider the placement of appliances, task centers, storage and accessories, along with how frequently they will be used. Popular kitchen layouts are straight, L-shape, U-shape, and galley.

Step 4: Submit Your Design

Once the rough sketch is ready, you can submit the design to a kitchen remodeling company or consultant of your choice. Choose a reputable professional who can help you turn your dream into a reality within your budget and on time.

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