Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget: 5 Ideas to Get It Right

If men aspire about living the great American dream, women aspire about their perfect American kitchen. 

Of course, men can have plenty of kitchen dreams too, especially if they love to cook or entertain. In fact, you can have quite a bit of fun just dreaming up the next version of your gourmet kitchen! 

Sleek kitchen cabinets that run from floor to ceiling, and promise a whole new world of inexhaustible storage; top of the line cooking appliances that can help you whip up cookies and meals in just a few minutes; stylish countertops that form the perfect backdrop for all that delicious food; an eye-catching backsplash that makes the whole space look bright and cheerful… the list can literally go on and on, and never stop! 

The best part is that kitchen remodels in Orange County do not have to cost a bomb. Here are 5 neat ideas to transform your kitchen on a limited budget. 

  1. Define Your Remodeling Scope

This is often determined by your living situation and the constraints that contribute to your budget. For instance, if you own your home, you might want to invest in upgrading just one portion of your kitchen at a time. 

This way, you can still plan on creating every element of your dream kitchen over a period of time. 

On the other hand, consider that you are renting but love to entertain. In this case, you would be better off with an inexpensive remodel of your entire kitchen, so it looks good for the short term. Once you have defined your scope, you will find it easier to get deals that also suit your budget.

  1. Get Creative With Those Kitchen Cabinets in Orange County

Yes, we mean those cabinets, the ones that already exist in your kitchen and are in perfectly usable condition! Before you reject this idea outright, here are a few things you should know about kitchen cabinets in Orange County:

  • They can take up almost 30% of your budget, in a complete kitchen remodel. 
  • Demolition of existing cabinets can range from $400 to $900.
  • Custom cabinets cost twice as much as ready-to-assemble cabinets, but add that undeniable touch of class to your kitchen. 

Again, if you can get even mildly creative – like spray painting old cabinets or adding wood trim along the edges – you can give your old kitchen cabinets a whole new lease of life! This is where stretching your budget for the short term can help you build your dream kitchen in the long term.


3. Get Ingenious With The Floors

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly beautiful, but they do come at a steep price. But what if you could get cheaper floors that look like hardwood or tile, and (almost) behave like their more durable counterparts? 

Today, there are an assortment of luxury vinyl and laminate flooring options that are strategically designed to look like hardwood or designer tile. They come with shorter life spans (10 to 20 years), but no longer carry the slur of grandma’s linoleum flooring. Check out the new designer vinyl, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

  1. Accept the Existing Layout

After kitchen cabinets, layout modifications – including electrical and plumbing – is the next item to cause a significant dent in your budget. Here, did you know that changing the place where you put a sink/ dishwasher/ oven can eat up as much as 30% of your budget? (This includes labor and installation costs.) 

This is another reason to work with your present layout in order to cut costs. Of course, a clever contractor/ designer will still be able to help you make the best use of your space, without disturbing your budget. 

  1. Invite Butcher Blocks into Your Home

If stone/ granite/ quartz countertops are at the top of every fantasy kitchen list, laminates are cheap but universally disliked. The trick is to stay in the middle, and butcher blocks can work here as an even meeting ground. 

If you intend to add/ modify a kitchen island while also remodeling your surrounding countertops, consider using butcher block for the island to trim costs. 

They are durable and can also be resurfaced when they are cracked/ stained. Another way to stretch your budget is to use open butcher-block shelves in place of (upper) kitchen cabinets. With this, you will have the added advantage of showing off your fine cutlery. 

We leave you with 5 additional tips to spend a little to make a noticeable difference.

  • Consider stenciled, peel-on sheets for a backsplash. You can now get them in stylized, water-proof options that add the perfect pop of color to your existing kitchen.
  • Get playful with knobs – for your kitchen cabinets, or even your pantry door. You can find delightful yet surprisingly cheap options at your local hardware store. 
  • Explore granite overlays for your existing (laminate?) countertops. These are quick DIY fixes that don’t need a contractor, but can give your kitchen a much-needed facelift. 
  • Give your sink a good, thorough scrub. There are several people who make their living, simply by “prettying up” old sinks. If they can do it, so can you!
  • Embrace paint, especially if you can do it yourself. This trick always works!

In summary, kitchen remodels in Orange County can be fun and cost-effective.

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