Kraftmaid, A Partnership for Savings

Partnering to Save!

For many people considering doing their first kitchen upgrades, it’s not uncommon to think of visiting the biggest furniture place in South Orange County-the local Ikea- for ideas and options on cabinets and fixtures. After all, it’s the mega-sized mecca of low-cost furniture and home goods. However, if you’ve ever owned Ikea furniture, then you know that wear-and-tear and longevity are not exactly their strong points, and you’re not likely to get a highly trained design team to assist. A short walk through any higher end furniture store will certainly demonstrate the differences in quality between the two places.

The good news is that good quality custom cabinets, installation, and kitchen updates don’t have to be exorbitantly expensive. It’s a bit of a fallacy to assume that pre-fabricated cabinets are less costly than custom or high quality ones, like those produced by Kraftmaid Cabinetry. The even better news is that Orange County is serviced by a company that excels in kitchen remodel and consulting packages that are beautiful, creative, and flexible enough to fit most any budget. Woodwork Solutions offers packages starting around ten thousand dollars that can transform a kitchen into something that looks modern, rustic, or elegant, but never cheap or poorly executed.

The greatest benefit of partnering with Woodwork Solutions is exactly that: the partnership! Many years of experience and success in design and construction are dedicated to your project, vision, and timeline the moment an agreement is inked. They have the resources and expertise to help make a room functional, personal, and attractive all at once. With the numerous amounts of configurations, wood types, colors, and custom craftsmanship available at Kraftmaid Cabinetry, it’s no wonder that Woodwork is a certified dealer for their products. Kraftmaid offers lovely wood grains, veneers, and quality finishes that Ikea does not. Ikea cabinets are highly modular but not terribly customizable, and are notoriously difficult to paint if you were to decide to do so down the road.

Woodwork’s Kraftmaid custom kitchens are built with face frame style cabinets, not the euro style, and painstaking efforts are made to efficiently use available space and maximize storage. Careful attention is paid to the entire effect the redesign will have, which is especially important if certain elements of the existing decor are retained like flooring or countertops. A strong partnership with a caring, experienced local contractor like Woodwork and a highly regarded cabinet manufacturer like Kraftmaid Cabinets can truly save a homeowner a good deal of money and grief in the long run. It’s a huge win-win when you complete your affordable, gorgeous kitchen renovation and have peace of mind that it will last many years.

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