KraftMaid Cabinets in Orange County Are Homeowners’ First Choice

There is a salient reason why KraftMaid has been awarded multiple “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Cabinets” awards over the years. The level of excellence represented by the brand is not only well-recognized but also respected within the industry. 

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet makers in Orange County that offer high-quality workmanship and stylish design, look no further than KraftMaid. With their semi-custom approach to sizing and styling, you can have all the freedom you want in selecting your dream cabinets. 

Whether you are browsing the market for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or sliding barn doors in Orange County, KraftMaid has a lot to offer. All of their cabinets and doors are hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen using top-of-the-line materials. 

KraftMaid also follows a strict quality inspection process to ensure that every piece of their furniture will stand the test of time. Many of our customers have happily reported using the same KraftMaid cabinets in their homes for decades with not one complaint! 

If you are wondering what makes KraftMaid Cabinets in Orange County so special, read on to find out.

KraftMaid’s Whisper Touch Hinges

All kitchen cabinets designed by the brand come with concealed Whisper Touch Hinges. As the name suggests, you need the gentlest of touches to close the doors quietly and softly in one smooth motion. At Woodwork Solutions, we can adjust these hinges in six different ways to align them perfectly with your cabinet doors. 

Durable Cabinet Shelves

All of our KraftMaid cabinets near you feature sturdy shelving and super chic aesthetics. Feel free to check out our portfolio for some Pinterest-worthy design inspiration!

Stay Safe With Rounded Frames

KraftMaid Cabinets in Orange County come with rounded face frames in order to prevent you from scraping your hands while picking up items from the cabinets. Small details like these are what have made KraftMaid a favorite among many a customer. 

Choose #1 Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Orange County 

KraftMaid cabinets are constructed in a modular design from a variety of stock items that are combined with tailor-made options. This means you receive the specifications and quality of the semi-custom cabinets minus the lead-time!

At Woodwork Solutions, we offer a wide selection of KraftMaid cabinets near you. You can choose from over 200 storage solutions, over 100 door styles, and over 65 finish options. We also offer many more customization options so that you can obtain the kitchen (or bathroom!) of your dreams. 

We have been an approved KraftMaid dealer with over 19 years of experience in constructing and installing high-quality design solutions. Call us at 949-459-9663 or fill out this form for the lowest pricing on all cabinets.


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