Laundry Room Remodel Check List

Let’s Talk Dirty, Let’s Talk Laundry!

Laundry rooms big and small must be well organized to fit the needs of the family. It’s a small but mighty room.  Although it’s not the most lived in room of the house, it is one of the key rooms that’s used for the whole family. It’s important to consider all your laundry room needs before beginning a new design or remodel. I just finished a laundry room remodel myself and discovered a few questions you might consider.

  • Do you need a hanging rack in your laundry room?
  • Would drawers be more functional than cabinet doors?
  • Do you need a laundry hamper in the laundry room?
  • Do you need a spot for the trashcan in the laundry room?
  • Do you want a pull out ironing board hidden in the laundry room?
  • Does your cat little box need a new home, like in the laundry room?
  • Do you need a dog bathing station, conveniently in the laundry room?
  • Do you need a utility sink readily available in the laundry room?
  • Do backpacks and grocery bags need a new home?
  • Could you use a laundry room counter top above your washer and dryer?
  • Would you like shelves above your laundry room appliances?
  • Paint, wallpaper or panel the walls?

laundry room remodel

Custom Laundry Rooms Must-Considers!: 

Would drawers function better than cabinet doors?  

I vote that they do! Not in every area, just enough to maximize your functionality and overall enjoyment of the space.

With traditional cabinet doors, I find that the items that get placed in the back, stay in the back. As time goes on, even my most used items get shoved in the back, never to be used again - especially stored in the laundry room I find that very frustrating.  Just imagine opening one large drawer and seeing all of your products—not just the ones in the front. 

When designing any room, not just your laundry room - consider adding drawers here and there for functionality.  You might not want to go too crazy, because drawers cost more than fixed shelves with doors.  Drawers require extra hardware to function and slid out smooth with soft close mechanisms.  So consider what your needs are and splurge a little by adding drawers.  It’ll be a gift to yourself you’ll appreciate every time you open it! 

Do you need a spot for a trash can?  

Trashcan consideration is key when remodeling a laundry room. I know this because I didn’t think about it (cue in the tiny violin).  In my laundry room I didn’t do a complete demo of my cabinets—instead, we refaced the doors with an updated look and installed all new hardware. It looks like a brand-new remodel, but it was just a facelift to be accurate.  I didn’t have the option to modify the cabinet.  I did, however, add interior drawers onto the existing shelves.  I did this because the cabinet is so deep, things just got lost.  Now I have a two-step process of accessing my stored items (open door, then pull the drawer open), but I don’t mind because once it’s open, you can see it all! 

Does your cat’s litter box need a home? 

Many of our customers have cats that require a litter box, and almost all of those customers store these litter boxes in their laundry room. Woodwork Solutions looks for ways to utilize cabinetry space to house a custom cubby for your cat.  Since the cabinet will be custom to your needs, you can also add a shelf or drawers to house other miscellaneous cat-related items. 

Do you need a larger sink?  

If you do, adding a larger sink in your laundry room would, in most cases, also require a new cabinet.  That’s great news because it’ll give you a chance to customize your storage space and how it functions.  I see all positives to that!  

My laundry room, unfortunately, didn’t fall into the “in most cases” category.  We kept our existing cabinets and updated the doors and countertop, which allowed me the opportunity to add a larger sink that would fit into my existing cabinetry.  So I switched out the old, worn-out sink with a new black fiberglass utility sink.  Looks great, works great and—best of all—it’s up-to-date! 

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