KraftMaid® Cabinetry

We understand a home isn't just a home.  We've observe people in their home and respond with meaningful innovation. Our new line of KraftMaid® Cabinetry offers the newest styles, trendiest trends and the latest of the latest. 

Woodwork Solutions, Dealer of KraftMaid® Cabinetry, can make life better by making time spent at home a little easier. 

Start imagining what’s really, actually possible in your kitchen—or your bath, wherea lot of our innovations can be cleverly included. Prevent wasted space in corners or small spaces. Deploy cool Auto-Open technology for when your hands are wet or full. Include perfectly-fitting OXO canisters or Rubbermaid® containers. Improve storage. Organize anything. Really, anything at all. These clever kitchen and bath ideas solve problems you maybe haven’t even realized you have.