Questions About Carpentry

Questions About Carpentry:


 Will larger mouldings shrink my rooms?

          No, larger mouldings have the opposite effect.  Crown will open the ceiling.  Large baseboards with crown and a pop of color on the wall will open the room up.  Allowing you to see a distinction between two points.


Why should moulding be painted after installation and not before?

         Once mouldings are installed, the seems and nail holes need to be caulked, and painted for the most clean, finished look.  If not painted, the non sealed caulk can shrink and crack over time.  Temperature changes can effect the mouldings as they are made of MDF.  Proper caulking can help prevent this from happening.   Nailing pre-painted mouldings will show countless blemishes and is not recommended.


 What if I have a vent in the way of where the moulding is to be installed?

          There are 3 different solutions. Either of the 3 options below, typically, will not reduce air flow. This is more a personal preference.  1.  We can return the crown next to the vent, 2. WE can notch the crown and go over the vent.  3. We can accent the crown with detail crossing over the vent. (not recommended but is a 3rd option)


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