Questions about Job Logistics

Questions About Job Logistics:


 Who applies for permits and how long are they good for?

          Woodwork Solutions will handle any permits that will be required, and will manage extensions as needed.


 Do you move walls and make plumbing or electrical changes?

         Yes, can can move walls, plumbing and electrical as long as we are permitted to do so.  We can look at your design and let you know the most efficient ways in accomplishing your design goals.


 Do you guarantees your work?

          Most definitely, we guarantee all our work and back up our supplier warrantees.


 What is a Change Order and does it cost me more?

          A Change Order is used when a homeowner adds or make a change to the original contract.  You can look at a Change Order as an Amendment to the original agreement.   Costs would be dependent on if you are adding work to the contract or removing work from the contract.


 Do you haul away or dispose of all scrap materials left from a job?

          Most definitely, Woodwork Solutions will haul away all trash and extra materials.  Our goal is to leave your home in better condition than when we arrived.


 Are the people that work for you trustworthy and clean?  Can you tell me about whom you will have in my home?

          All our employees and sub-contractors have proven to be trustworthy by earning this status through hard work, commitment and track record.   Most our team has had long term employment with us and we’d be happy to supply you with additional information as requested.


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