Questions about Pricing

Questions About Pricing:


 How do we pay for materials needed?

          All materials are built into our pricing and delivered by Woodwork Solutions to save you time and money.


 What things besides appliances will make my kitchen remodel more expensive?

          Lighting, species of Granite or stone, organizers, removing walls and electrical.


 What can I do to help cut costs?

          We have many options when it comes to Kitchen and home remodels. We can help you design your projects to maximize your planned budget.


 Is there a fee for design services?

          There is no fee for the initial design.


 Do you offer financing?

          Yes, we offer financing through GE Money. We have multiple plans to offer, such as 1 year no interest.  Let us know if you’re interested in financing your project and we will assist you through the qualification process.


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