Recent Reviews

“My wife and I are sitting in our home admiring the work that you have done in our home and it is truly amazing!!  We are so very impressed with your craftsmanship and will refer your work to anybody.  Thanks again for the wonderful job that we are so very pleased with.”

Brandon & Stephanie Straver, RSM, CA




“When I first thought of hiring a finish carpenter, I was scared. I’m  an obsessive/compulsive guy with a good eye and have had horrible time with some finishing contractors who don’t have a sense of perfection.  Kevin Koorndyks’ carpenters, painters and A/V specialists are no less than PERFECT.  They are intelligent and precise, honest and timely, articulate and courteous.  Kevin’s prices are quite reasonable for the level of quality he brings to the job...and the headaches he saves.  I would recommend him to even the most demanding client.”  

Louis M. Teresi, MD, Irvine, CA