+ Jodi Ladera Ranch

Our goal on this kitchen remodel was to add overall functionality and space for a young family of 5 to enjoy.

You know the cabinet tops you can’t seem to decorate with enough plants and decor that collects never ending dust? Those cabinets are gone and those problems are in the pas - they don't call us Woodwork Solutions for nothing after all. Our solutions was to up the space, both literally and aesthetically, with upper cabinetry that extends to the ceiling. Giving a grand look and double the storage space. The extended upper cabinets now allows for storage of the “not so often used” items nice and neat behind closed doors. Which allowed for lots of large pull-out drawers for easy reach and organization. Allowing a spot for every member of the family to reach, use and enjoy. This remodel was especially special for mom, as this kitchen isn’t just where she feeds and nurtures her family, but also the hub of where she runs her largely successful home grown business.

Our clients can hardly believe that their once drab and limited in storage kitchen has become a bright, functional and beautiful space where they can comfortably enjoy as a family for years to come.