+ The Intentional Mix-Up

If you know the Minnick Family, you know they have great taste! True to Kyle’s profession and Frances’s passion for bringing people together–a custom bar was a must-have! What started with a conversation over a glass of wine, together Kevin, Frances, Kyle and I collaborated on these fantastic designs. In the pictures below, I’m sharing their dining room (which was once the main living room), their bar (which was formerly the dining room), the stairway and second story custom cabinetry (which were once empty drywall niches). It all might sound a little mixed up–but Frances’s vision was brilliant, and Woodwork Solutions made it a reality!

You might have a similar layout, so we wanted to share in hopes to inspire–Inspire you to be creative, think outside the box, or even go against the grain! After all, many great designs come through innovative people that like to be different! You want your dining room to be a bar–You Go Girl! Cheers to the Minnick’s for switching things up!